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Great Blues, Classic Rock and a little Country

Hi, and welcome to our web site...So who are we? ...What's our story? Well...we're a couple of guys in our 60's. Life has "chingered" us up a little but we're still sexy and charming (well...sort of). We discovered our passion for music back in the 60's. Did a lot of gigs..had some great times. Then we had to grow, family, marriage, kids, mortgages....(followed later by divorce, cancer, tatoo'd kids,!). We keep coming back to what we've always loved and performing. We love all those great songs from our baby boomer youth. Recently, we retired from our day jobs and released our 1st CD entitled "Dos Equis". Now our 2nd CD is scheduled for release in the fall. Our original music is a concoction of Boston meets the Beatles, meets Tom Petty with a smidgen of Jeff Beck, Joe Walsh, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jerry Reid in the guitar mix. We slip these originals into our performances and they blend well with covers we play by the Eagles, Beatles, Elvis, Eric Clapton....Santana and more. We also slip in a few cool country songs by people like Vince Gill, Brooks, and Dunn, Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks and others. Check out our version of the classic song "Secret Agent Man" YouTube video above! we are, after 45 plus years of developing our musical craft. It's been a long road. What makes it all worth it though,
and I mean..really worth seeing our audience having a great time. Dancing, talking, smiling and enjoying the
can't download an app or a video to get this kind of fun...I guess sometimes the old ways really are the best ways!
                         So stop by a gig sometime and flash us a peace sign...we remember the 60's! See you soon!

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Johnnie and the Rumblers
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