Steve Harrold
 Steve was born and raised in the Seattle, Washington area. After visiting Tucson, he fell in love with the scenic mountains, saguaro cactus and the town. When not performing, Steve is a software developer.
Steve states "I started playing the string bass in the school orchestra in grade school and was playing
the electric bass in a rock bands by the time I was 14". He also plays the guitar and mandolin but bass guitar is his first love.

He enjoys a wide variety of music but prefers songs with a strong beat and solid groove. Watching the audiences dance, tap their feet and enjoying themselves gets him motivated and into it. Steve states "What keeps me playing and performing is the real time interplay between musicians. When it all comes together, it's much more than just the individual parts. Having the audience react to the band and the musicians react to them, it goes to a whole new level".

Johnnie says "Steve has been a great recent addition to our trio. Once on board, he picked up our material quickly and started making solid contributions. He is a professional and talented musician"
Bass Guitar
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