Keith "Kip" Leon
Drums & Percussion
Keith “Kip” Leon was born in Sunderland, England. He’s lost his English accent but not his love for music and percussion. Growing up, he loved musicians and bands like Cozy Cole, Keith Moon, The Who, Cream, Ginger Baker, The Beatles and Allman Brothers. Kip’s easy going demeanor or as he calls it “Flow by the moment” attitude has a relaxing effect on his band mates and all who know him. He’s performed in various Tucson bands over the years like the Frank and Woody Show, Swing Shift and The Collectors since moving to Tucson in 1974. Kip worked for the US Postal Service for 34 years before retiring.

Kip joined Johnnie and the Rumblers in 2014 and has recorded most of the band’s sound tracks since their Dos Equis CD. Johnnie states “Kip just fit in from day 1. At our age, finding bandmates who are talented, reliable, easy and fun to work with is damn hard. Hopefully, we all have a few years left in us before we all start falling down and can’t get up!”.