William Halstead
"Dirty Bill"
“Dirty Bill” was born in Michigan and raised in Tucson near the city of South Tucson. Due to a variety of events that occurred during his youth, he became known as “Dirty” Bill. The specifics on how he earned this nickname is outside the scope of this bio :)

Bill worked as steel and ornamental iron salesman before retiring. He say’s “I started out playing in a rock band when I was 14 years old. Once I heard Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and The Allman Brothers , I bought my first Fender P-Bass and am still using one today” Bill also states “It’s all about the audience for me. Kind of like being with a woman…if she’s having a good time…so am I. I also love recording. It’s part of your legacy.”

Johnnie adds “Willie boy caught my attention the very first time I jammed with him. I loved his sound and the way he played. He’s been my friend and musical soul-mate since.”
Bass & Vocals
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